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Scott Strynar Landscape Architect, LLC is a registered landscape architecture firm providing residential and commercial site planning, design & permitting services in southern Maine. I have 23 years of experience taking projects of various sizes from conceptual site design through to master planning, permitting and construction administration. I can take your project from the design phase, navigate the permitting process, assist with project budgeting, provide for competitive bidding and assist with contractor selection. I focus on providing open communication with my clients and I am always striving to keep projects on schedule and within budget. I am also C.L.A.R.B. certified by the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards.



I am a native of Rumford (East Providence), Rhode Island. I have always enjoyed the construction and design processes. As a young teenager and into my high school years, I helped my grandfather with various construction and re-modeling projects. After high school and through college, I worked hands-on landscaping for several summers installing walkways, patios and gardens. I graduated from the University of Rhode in 1996 with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (BSLA) and a minor in Urban Horticulture and Turfgrass Management. I started my career as a Landscape Architect and then Landscape Department Manager at A.J. Tomasi Nurseries, a design-build firm in the South Shore of Massachusetts. In 2003 I relocated to Maine with my wife Nicole and joined Mohr & Seredin Landscape Architects, Inc. as a Landscape Architect and Project Manager. I have worked closely with Stephen Mohr & Tanya Seredin over the past 17 years on various projects including Residential and Commercial Site Design, Regulatory and Environmental Permitting, Site Engineering, as well as Construction Administration Services. In December 2017 I started my own office, Scott Strynar Landscape Architects, LLC, and I continue to advise and guide my clients through the permitting processes, while providing thoughtful designs which are guided by the clients input and direction. 

When not working, I can be found on two wheels motorcycling around New England and enjoying the beautiful scenery throughout.  My wife Nicole is a phlebotomist at Wentworth Douglas Hospital and my daughter Anna is active in school sports including soccer and indoor/outdoor track. The office mascots, Ruby a black lab and Fife a short haired tiger can be found hanging around the office. Fife likes to lounge on the drafting board. Scott is also a member of the North Berwick Planning Board and a volunteer coach on Anna’s track team.


Site Analysis 

Site Permitting Evaluation

Environmental and Zoning Regulatory Review

Site Master Planning

Site Design: 

  • Terraces / Patios
  • Decks
  • Walkways
  • Steps
  • Fireplaces
  • Fire pits
  • Walls & Boulders

Landscape & Garden Design

Swimming Pool Design

Landscape Drawings

Outdoor Lighting Design

Drainage and Stormwater Management

Environmental and Municipal Permitting

Shoreland Permitting

Contract Documents

Project Budgeting & Cost Estimating

Project Bidding & Contractor Selection

Site Development Coordination

Construction Administration

Illustrative Plans

3d Modeling & Rendering

Design Process


Design Process

 Whether the project/site is large or small, the outline below can be followed for most projects. The scope and scale of the project, will determine which of the following steps would be applicable. The most successful projects include a team approach which is guided by the client’s input to achieve the client’s needs wishes and desires for their project/site. 

Existing Conditions Plan & Site Analysis

 Step one. gathering base information about the property by taking site measurements, photographs and/or coordinate a site survey by a professional land surveyor. Base information may include previous site surveys, satellite imagery, subdivision plans and/or Tax Maps. The Site Analysis is the second step in the process. I will put all this information together so that the client has an overall view of the project area and together we can identify site elements that can be included in the site design or possibly protect from being disturbed. 

Environmental and Regulatory Review

 This step determines the limitations of the site by identifying municipal, environmental and site-specific constraints. These limitations include municipal and environmental setbacks i.e. Building Setback, Shoreland Zones and Wetland Setbacks, to name a few. The limitations will be added to the Existing Conditions Plan above to help determine the boundaries of the project and help to identify what municipal and environmental permitting might be required to achieve the project goals. Projects that cross over setback lines and regulatory zones may be allowed with the proper permits from the State and/or Municipality.

Design Development

 After the base information is collected and the project boundaries are determined, I will review the site analysis with the client. At this step the client’s input is most important. Together we discuss what can be done. Things like; identifying significant views, building placement, solar orientation, driveways, walkways, gardens, fencing, buffer plantings, terraces, patios, pools, fire pits, site lighting, outdoor kitchen, etc. With the client’s input, the design is edited and modified into a Landscape Concept for the property. Many times photographs of various site elements, materials and plants will be used to help identify and develop the “Character” of the project as well. 

Site Permitting

 Concurrently with the construction documentation phase the I will advise my client of necessary environmental and municipal permits that will be required prior to construction. The process of acquiring the necessary permits can take from one to several months, so planning ahead can help to keep a project on schedule and prevent undesirable delays to the start of construction. I can provide permitting services on behalf of my clients if needed.


Contract Administration & Construction Observation

Once the client has selected a contractor, a written contract will be signed by both parties and the project can begin. Sometimes during the construction process, unforeseen obstacles can be uncovered, and the site design might need to be adjusted or modified. I can assist my clients with altering the site design to accommodate the obstacle or work with the contractor to negotiate an alternative approach. As a landscape architect, I am my clients advocate and will assist the client through the entire construction process if needed.

Project Completion and Closeout

Before final acceptance or completion of the project, I will walk the site and provide the client a list or “Punch List”. A punch list is a list of items that will need to be finished before the project is considered complete.  If required, I can provide a written guide for the continued maintenance and upkeep for the property, typically called a “Landscape Maintenance Program”. This program is a guide for the client to follow over the following years to help maintain the health and appearance of their landscape as it was designed. When all work is complete the contract between he client and the contractor will be satisfied and the final payment will be released to the contractor.

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